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Motion to Revoke Probation | MTR Bexar | San Antonio

San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one are facing a Motion to Revoke Probation (MTRP/ MTR) or a Motion to Enter an Adjudication of Guilt because of an alleged violation while on probation or deferred adjudication you need an knowledgeable and skilled defense attorney.

In Texas, you have limited rights during a hearing to revoke your probation.   There are two very big differences between an MTR hearing and your criminal trial.

  1. You do not have a right to have a jury trial,
  2. the state does not have to prove their claim beyond a reasonable doubt.

However, you are entitled to a hearing.  That is why you need experienced MTR lawyer Rosie Alvarado at your side.  Rosie is experienced with MTR hearings and understands that probation officers don’t always give the most “accurate” reports of your behavior.

If you are facing an MTR, don’t delay.  Contact the law offices of Rosie Alvarado, P.C. immediately.

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